Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The forest for the trees

I started a blog the month before Eamon was conceived (as it turns out) because I was so sad that we still weren't pregnant (after a miscarriage, uterine surgery, and many months of trying), and I desperately needed a way to connect to our future kiddos and to the part of me that already felt like their mom. I figured it would be interesting later to go back and see what our life was like before our first baby, since everyone says you can't remember it. Of course, wouldn't you know I got pregnant soon after starting the blog. Funny how that works.

Our dream boy has been with us for six months now, and I'm feeling the urge to blog again. I think a lot of new moms must feel this way: that their day-to-day lives are consumed by what most people would consider inconsequential events. And I have this urge to tell someone about these itty-bitty details. But it would be downright cruel to constantly subject my family and friends to this stuff. An update here or there, why sure! But this is where my brain is 24/7. It's insane.

There are several mom blogs that I check regularly (mostly belonging to Austin Mamas), and I devour them, so I figure I'll add this one to the mix, and maybe some other moms will enjoy mine as much as I enjoy theirs. I think I'll share it with some friends as well, but I don't know about family. I don't want to have to watch what I say too much . . .

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