Sunday, March 30, 2008

Someone Is Six Months Old Today!

Eamon must've known what a big milestone today is, because he fell asleep on his own last night for the first time. He pretty much did the same thing the night before too, although we did go in once. Since he did so well, we figured we'd try not going in at all to see what would happen. We put him down and went downstairs to eat dinner (our last batch of frozen stew from when he was born). We were prepared to go to him if he got really upset or if he was still fussing after twenty or so minutes. He wasn't crying very hard, though, and he fell asleep in approximately seventeen minutes, with several quiet pauses in there. Isn't that incredible?! I remember the days of his car seat phobia, and how HARD he would cry. It was awful. He has never cried like that when we put him down to sleep, although I suspect he would have if we had tried this any sooner. I just can't believe this is happening! It's nice to feel like it's not something we're forcing. We're certainly not following a rigid method, or any method, really.

In addition to finding his feet this past week, he has also discovered his upper register, and he's having fun experimenting with high-pitched sounds. They aren't the ear-splitting kind, just sweet squeaks and squawks, little squeals, and sometimes no sound comes out at all, which is very funny. He had us laughing a lot yesterday with his new way of expressing himself.

He's also getting the hang of rolling from his tummy to his back. He did it several weeks ago for the first time, but hadn't done it much since. Now all of a sudden he's a rolling fool! Or a half-rolling fool. I went ahead and took the bumper out of his crib yesterday. In retrospect, I have to say the bumper was a waste of money.

Today we're meeting our friends Brian and Mitchell at Central Market for lunch, and tonight I'm meeting my parents and brothers at Carmelo's to celebrate the fact that my brother Kent went to the courthouse last week and married his girlfriend of seven (I think) years. They hadn't been officially engaged or anything, so it was a bit of a shock, and my parents were out of town when it happened. (They all live in San Marcos.) We're happy for them though. I'll head over this evening after E has his last nursing, and TJ will stay home.

Well, this is a lame post, not at all fitting for my beautiful boy's half birthday, but hopefully tomorrow I can write something more.

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