Monday, December 22, 2008

Hard Decisions

We've decided not to take Squeaky in this morning after all. We're positive the blood didn't come from her rearend, and she's eating normally and acting completely normal. I think she sneezed and the blood came from her mouth? It hasn't happened since. Also, the two places I called this morning were booked in terms of boarders. We could've gotten her looked at, but she couldn't have stayed. I hate the thought of leaving her like this. I'm going to worry about her the whole time we're gone. But I don't know what else to do. Hopefully everything will be fine in the next six days, and we can assess the situation when we get back and take her to the doctor then if we need to.

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Amber said...

When we got our new cat, he came with a cold and because the weather was so dry, he started sneezing blood. I rushed him into the vet and they said it was really normal and no big deal and advised us to keep a humidifier in the laundry room while he slept. I hope that helps!