Monday, September 1, 2008

Only Mama Will Do, Eleven Months and a Top Tooth

Alongside his debut as a social butterfly, E has also paradoxically become much more attached to Mama lately. He wants to be close to me and preferably be held by me much of the time, not really in social situations so much (ironically) but the rest of the time. He's also started not wanting to go to TJ sometimes (he gives him The Hand). He only wants his mama. The clinginess can be a bit much some days, but I'm also savoring it. My little lovebug. We're starting to be able to cuddle together (as opposed to me just cuddling him) and it's pretty wonderful.

His top left tooth broke through on August 30, by the way, the day he turned eleven months, and the other top tooth isn't far behind.

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