Friday, August 29, 2008

Social butterfly at Family Connections

E woke up at 4:30 this morning. Aaaaagh. I decided to try for a morning nap, but he only slept for a half hour (he's definitely going down to one nap), so we dashed out the door to make the storytime at Family Connections. We got settled on the floor amid the crowd of babies, toddlers, and mamas . . . and E was off! He spent the entire time crawling right up to moms and kids, from those next to us to others clear across the room--smiling, babbling, grabbing babies and pulling on other moms' arms and legs to try to stand up. He glanced back at me a couple of times, but not much. He had places to go, people to see. I watched him with my mouth virtually hanging open, trying not to laugh, trying to keep up. I felt so unprepared! I also felt unsure of when to step in or of how closely I should follow him. Everyone seemed to be totally cool with him getting super chummy, thankfully. They gamely balanced their own babies on one arm and mine in the other (as he pinched and twisted the skin on their legs and arms; but they're used to it, right?). A couple of times I asked if they were okay with him and everyone invariably said yes (and seemed to mean it). So I kinda just let him do his thing. But for an introvert like me, it felt awkward. I'll get used to it soon enough, I'm sure. This boy is obviously not shy. None of the other babies were venturing very far from their mamas, and then there was my guy, weaving in and out of everyone, not looking back. God almighty!

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