Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Long Day

Eamon has had a tough day, and I've gotten nothing done. It's 4:00 now, and since 7:00 this morning he's napped a total of about thirty minutes. Ugh. It's frustrating. He hasn't been very happy either. I don't get the sense that he's teething or anything, just that he's tired. I've rocked him to sleep numerous times, but he wakes up and screams when I put him down. We escaped to Target awhile ago, and it was good to get out, but now we're home and he's up. Our friends Kay and Jonas (Jonas is six weeks older than E) were supposed to come over for our weekly playdate, but Kay's taking Jonas to the doctor this afternoon to see about his congestion and wheezing (poor Jonas), so they can't make it. Kay was going to give TJ and me a cloth diaper tutorial, by the way, because apparently we're not very gifted in that department. We can't get the damn things on him! It's harder than it looks.

Anyway, I think we'll go on a long walk now. Not sure what else to do.

p.s. You know, a few months ago most days were as long and hard and frustrating as this one. Actually, make that longer and harder. In fact, I shouldn't even try to compare: Things are way easier now. Even when they're not.

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