Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trip (Censored)

I feel slightly nervous writing much about our trip to my mom's because she knows I have a blog. I shared the blog with my little sisters (same mom as I, different dad), and the older one, Kristin, who's living at their house, let its existence slip, but then explained that it was private. Ouch. I've never said a word about it to my mom, but it makes me uncomfortable knowing she's aware of it.

In any case, earlier I had started a post about the positives and negatives of our trip, but I got too weirded out to write freely, so I think I'll just quit while I'm ahead. I will say that E was TERRIFIED of the dogs on Friday (and who wouldn't be--they are huge and out of control) but had overcome his fear for the most part by Sunday. He also slept remarkably well while we were there.

My stepdad was very sweet with E. It was the first time he'd held him. My sister showed no interest in holding or playing with him. I guess she's just not a baby person. (Don't know if she'll read this; I suppose it's possible.)

Oh, my mom showed me this beautiful Christmas stocking she's making for E. We'd picked it out together online, but I hadn't seen the pattern in real life.

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