Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This and That

I used to have a lot of days like yesterday when E was smaller, like three to five months (except he's an incredible delight to be around now, no offense to his wonderful but less expressive younger self). I rarely had plans to see people then (or so it seems to me now, especially since he hated the car), I was always exhausted, and he took very short, unpredictable naps. Yesterday's afternoon nap was short, and he woke up grumpy. He wasn't happy here at home doing anything. We ended up at the Domain (a very nice outdoor mall that's relatively close by). We strolled around and I got an iced tea and people oohed and ahhhed over E (never gets old) and we sat outside next to the rock fountain on the spongy turf they have for kids, and he was happy. Meanwhile, I called seemingly everyone I knew, which is sort of pathetic to do on your birthday, but that's what I would've been doing at that moment regardless. I just felt like talking to someone. But no one was around, so I left rambling messages for people I hadn't called in months (this also used to happen a lot) and gave up trying to reach anyone. It probably sounds like I was feeling sorry for myself, but I really wasn't. It was a blah-er day than usual, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I felt thankful to be spending my birthday with Eamon. I love getting to stay home with him, even though it can be grueling at times. There are other things I hope to do in this lifetime, but there's nothing else I'd rather be doing right now.

TJ went and got salads from Freebirds last night while I bathed E and put him down. He was going to go pick up some charcoal (ours got rained on) and grill chicken, but it was already 6:00, and it stressed me out to think of eating as late as 8:00. Evenings are never long enough as it is. So this worked out better, and while he was out he went to the James Avery store nearby and got me this fabulous silver sun pendant along with a black leather choker. He also got a card and actually wrote inside of it, which is out of character for him. He wrote very sweet things. I knew he hadn't had a chance to get me anything, so I wasn't expecting a gift from him (and had told him not to worry about it). So that was such a nice surprise. Oh, and the Oreck I ordered arrived! I'm seriously stoked about this vacuum cleaner. Does this mean I'm getting old?

Anyway, today's been a good day. Good naps and a fun outing. (Our play date today was canceled, so I took E to Shipe Park to swim instead.) And now he's up, so off I go . . .

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