Monday, July 7, 2008

Going Nowhere, Commence the Pickiness, Our Happy Cat

We did too much this weekend, and E was out of sorts at Nana's yesterday as a result. I was out of sorts too, by the end. Irritable and depressed (or something). I'm looking forward to getting caught up on some things this week, and getting E back into the routine of being home. He did nap for an hour at Nana's yesterday afternoon, so that was a major score. We have two lunch dates and a play date this week, and tomorrow is my birthday (it really snuck up on me this year). I also have a bunch of errands to run. (Blah, blah, blah, this is so boring; sorry.)

TJ weighed himself yesterday and was discouraged to find that instead of losing weight, he's gained a little. (I don't actually believe that; I tried to tell him that weight fluctuates within around five pounds, but he still feels crappy about it, understandably.) Even just a pound or two would be such great motivation. He doesn't understand why he hasn't lost anything after cutting out sugar, fries, chips, unhealthy snacks, desserts, anything other than salads when eating out, switching to only whole grains, etc. On the other hand, we've only been doing this a couple of weeks, and both weekends we've pretty much had no choice but to eat stuff we wouldn't have chosen ourselves. But still. Is it just too early to see results? People keep saying that guys lose weight quickly. Could it be his genes, in part? We're planning to meet with the nutritionist at the Y. One thing that we think needs to happen is a lot more exercise. Two times a week isn't going to get him anywhere. Maybe we'll have to go on a more austere diet. Last night we had tofu stir fry with brown rice, and then at 9 p.m. we each had a small bowl of fat-free yogurt and granola. Maybe we shouldn't have something like that at night. But we don't have it every night, and it's a far cry from the ice cream we used to eat--doesn't that count for something?

E, in the meantime, has essentially stopped eating breakfast. It's happened gradually, with this morning being the worst so far. I wonder if we're seeing the early stages of picky eating. This morning he puked up the few spoonfuls I'd gotten down him (peach, oatmeal, and banana from a jar); I then mixed plain jarred banana (we were out of homemade frozen) with oatmeal and apple juice, but he gagged on that and wouldn't take anymore. He wouldn't even drink water. Wondering if he really didn't want water or whether he was just being a stinker and refusing to drink out of his own cup, I filled my own glass with ice and water and offered it to him. He was all over it. Oh boy . . . we're in for it now!

As long as I'm giving various updates, I should mention that letting Squeaky out during the day has paid off big time. She's so happy! And she hasn't woken us up in the night to go out. We let her in and out a few times during the day. The majority of her days are spent outside, on the cement steps in the back. She sprawls languidly about (both inside and out) in a way we haven't seen in a long time, since her glory days in Hyde Park. Contentment physically displayed. And her appetite is back, which is great to see. We pick sticker burrs out of her fur at night on the couch as she purrs fiercely. It's good to have her back, and to not be locked in a power struggle with her all day.

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