Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pajamas, Spazzing Out, Bird as Toy

I know it's against blogging rules to drastically edit something you already posted, but as a former proofreader and copyeditor, I find that rule very difficult to follow (though I do try).

Anyway, I'm throwing the rule out the window with the tiny thing I posted last night about E wearing pajamas. I'm just going to include that tidbit in this post. I meant to explain that he's officially moved up a size to 18 months. I went to the Carter's Outlet on Tuesday and got him some new onesies and some real pajamas (his first). I also got some stuff for TJ's sister, who just had a baby boy last week, Owen (making Julia, age two this coming fall, a big sister).

So last night E wore some of his new pjs, and he was so freaking cute, I could barely stand it. They're blue with red and yellow bugs on them. I mean, come on. Also, it's just really funny to see him in cotton shorts for some reason. And a real shirt instead of a onesie. His tummy peeks out and we have no choice but to kiss it. None, I tell you.

This morning he woke up at 5:00. (He was also up at 1:00 and 10:30 p.m. and earlier in the evening. Last night was one of several consecutive Motrin nights.) We tried and tried to get him back to sleep this morning, but it wasn't happening. Wheeeeeee. He was so wired. I got up with him and when it came time to feed him breakfast, he would only eat yogurt (as per usual lately), and he was spazzing out a lot.

I don't think I've described his spazzes on here before. We have yet to meet another baby who does this, and people always comment on it, but I haven't been convinced that it's unusual. I'm starting to wonder, though. The ones this morning were super intense and more prolonged. For a second I thought, "What if these are seizures??" But they're not, because if I rub his leg and talk to him during one, he stops. He's in control to some extent. I think he's doing it out of excitement and as a way of expressing the energy he feels. I'm not sure how to describe the spazzing. Basically he tenses up his body and his face and concentrates to the point that he shakes. It's very intense. If you saw an adult doing this, you would know instantly that they were mentally ill. But when E does it, it's just funny (and a bit unnerving, recently).

The thing is, I used to spaz out kind of like this when I was a kid. It's too weird to explain fully here, but I would do it when I was intent on some activity, like drying my hair. I never did it in front of anyone. Ack, this is so odd, I know! But maybe it's genetic? Both of my half-sisters did versions of this when they were kids and really into something. They would hold their hands together in front of their faces and squeeze super hard while scrunching their faces up. My mom has always said they got that from their dad's side of the family, but I think evidence suggests otherwise, don't you?!

In other news today, Squeaky brought a bird inside this morning and killed it and ate it in the living room under the coffee table. Ugh. I'd left the door open a little because in the mornings she's so excited about going out she can't eat right away and comes in and out several times. E was in the jumperoo and I was washing dishes when I heard this squeaking sound, which my brain attributed to a toy until I realized that we don't have any toys that squeak. Sure enough, it was a poor birdy. Squeaky was batting it around, keeping it alive as long as possible, and generally having the time of her life. Our fearless hunter has returned.

If she gets one of the cardinals, I'll be pissed.

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