Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ah! The Library.

At Gwen's suggestion, I looked up some storytimes and stuff, and I think if I structure our mornings a bit, they won't feel as long now that we're moving to one nap. It's just an adjustment like anything else, especially since it seemed to happen so suddenly. I'm more prepared for it this week, though. This morning we went to the Yarborough branch of the public library. It's the one I used to go to when we lived in Hyde Park, and I love it. It's worth the drive. It turns out the storytime program doesn't start for two more weeks, but we still had a great time at the library. It was wonderful. We checked out some books that Eamon immediately loved, and he had so much fun crawling around, pulling up (a new development), and making friends with a sixteen-month-old named Ivy and her mom. I left feeling so excited about the world of books waiting to be discovered by him as he continues to grow. And I'm just really looking forward to going to the library every week.

The tooth/teeth still aren't through, but E slept well last night. From 7:00 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. and then back to sleep until 7:00. Guess that's what happens when you nap for only a half hour out of thirteen-plus hours. Speaking of naps, he's already up from his one nap of the day. I was really, really hoping he'd sleep for two hours, but it was more like an hour. Ugh. Please universe, let him start to take longer naps in the afternoon.

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