Monday, August 25, 2008

Nothing in Particular

That last post was so whiny and negative. Blech.

I think I just miss being able to talk to my stepmom, Gwen, during the day. (She just started a new job after not working for the past three years.) I knew I missed her, but I didn't realize just how much I depended on our often daily talks. It feels different to have both of my parents working, and I'm afraid we'll see less of them during the school year than we already do. On the other hand, I'm incredibly thankful to live as close to them as we do. Yay for wonderful grandparents!

E took two naps today. It was fantastic. But the poor guy is having such a hard time with what we can only assume are these killer top teeth that are close to breaking through. I hope they pop soon.

As I've mentioned before, in the spring we found this great church that we love, and we joined in June. After leaving the UU church, we didn't hold out much hope of finding a church liberal enough for us. But we did! Anyway, I won't go into much detail because I feel weird writing about church, but there was this mantra mentioned on Sunday (the topic was ego and humility) and I loved it: I am nothing; I have nothing. You might say it at night when you can't fall asleep because you're worrying about so many things.

I am nothing. I have nothing.

It's liberating.

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