Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Argh, Etc.

I've been trying to post a video since yesterday, and it won't load for some reason. I keep getting an error message. It's not too big . . . I don't know what the problem is. It's annoying me.

Just wanted to note that E is feeding himself Cheerios as of Sunday. Yay! Roughly six out of ten actually make it into his mouth. It's pretty cute. He's feeding himself some other food as well, but hasn't made peace with the slimy texture of things like bananas and grapes; I still have to put those in his mouth piece by piece. Yesterday afternoon we went to Central Market just to get out of the house, and I bought a box of Baby Mum-Mums, which I heard about through the Austin Mamas. He loved them, and sat out by the playground eating Mum-Mums and watching the big kids play.

The last couple of days have been long and quiet and rainy. E didn't take an afternoon nap either day. I think today we're going to head down to Zilker Park and maybe ride on the train. It'll be E's first time. I'd wanted to save that to do as a family or with friends, but it's the only thing I can come up with today (still gray and soggy out), and I'm sure there will be many more fun rides to come on the Zilker Zephr.

Normally we'd have our weekly playdate with Kay and Jonas this afternoon, but Kay has an all-day meeting, so we're getting together tomorrow instead. Jonas turns one today! Poor Kay is understandably bummed to have to spend the whole day away from her little birthday dude.

In other rambling news, Nana's having a scope today to find out if her chemo and radiation treatments have shrunk the cancer. She said she can't believe the problem area could've avoided the beating the rest of her body has taken. I hope that's true. She'll get the results immediately, and is going to send out an email after she gets home. Fingers crossed.

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Amber said...

I'll be thinking the very best of thoughts for your Nana. XXOO, Amber