Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So Far So Good

I'll let Nana's email speak for itself. It's too good to paraphrase. (I'm removing her name from the signature to protect her privacy--insofar as posting this is protecting anyone's privacy!)

Dear F & F (family and friends . . . foes too, if you so choose)

I've just returned from my first "out-of-theory" cancer experience, and passed with flying colors. Of course, great as that sounds, it means only that things are working to date. While my body and I are not terribly excited about returning to the regimen, given the choices, we are most grateful for the opportunity! And of course, the tag on that good news, is that I still get to keep my bladder (albeit, I'm wondering why one would want to keep anything over which one has so little control!). For now, I'm due 11 more nukings and 1 more drugging! After that, it is my present understanding that my body and I will be given six weeks or so to regroup.

My energy level has not returned to normal; however, it seems to be on the upswing which is more good news. Actually I've been blessed with bounteous sleep, almost around the clock. Time may not fly quickly that way, but it does seem to slip on by practically unnoticed.

The wind beneath my sails continues to be your prayers, love and support. Thanks so much for them all.