Thursday, June 19, 2008


So TJ was talking to his friend Dagwood earlier, and it turns out that Dagwood has lost 23 pounds since January by going to the gym and changing the way he eats. He hasn't used a particular diet because he didn't like the idea of being forced to give up certain things (although he now chooses to not eat things like chips or cookies, etc.). Instead, he's basically learned how to count calories. After hearing him talk about it, TJ wants to do that instead of South Beach (which is music to my ears, to be honest--I'm a wimp when it comes to cutting things out completely). We're using an online diet log/calorie counter. (It's fantastic!) When I entered my info, it automatically listed me as eating to maintain weight as opposed to losing weight (based on my height and weight and approximate BMI) and it said I should be eating 1900 calories a day. (But that doesn't figure in breastfeeding, so I'm allowing 500 more calories.) I'm at 1592 now and haven't had dinner. I can't imagine how many thousands of calories I normally eat on any given day.

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