Monday, June 30, 2008

Home, Tired; I'm Me and You're You

We're back. I don't think we've ever been so glad to be home, although E and I have both been tired and out of sorts today. (I feel the kind of tired where it's like you're drugged. Zero energy.) Road trips with a baby are tough; this was our first. Luckily, we'd purchased a new children's music cd--Laurie Berkner--before we left, so we didn't have to listen to the same cd of 57 classic children's songs that we've been listening to nonstop for four months (and that Eamon LOVES, by the way). We're about ready to gouge our eyeballs out on that one. But anyway, Laurie Berkner is great. My favorite song right now is "I'm Me and You're You." The first verse goes:

I'm me, and you're you.
I like green, you like blue.
I use tape, you use glue.
I stayed short, and you grew.
It doesn't matter what we do,
cuz I'm still me and you're still you.

It's super sweet. And frankly, I still struggle with the whole you/me concept even as an adult. I'm always shocked (horrified at times) to discover how different TJ and I are. I forget that he doesn't think exactly the way I do, and need the same things. But he really, really doesn't. Here I must insert, "And that's okay!" It is perfectly okay, it truly is, probably even good, but god, it can present a challenge at times.

So I took a zillion pictures at my mom's, but I'm just going to post this weird one from the drive home that TJ took that I find funny. There's another one that's much better of both of us, where we're looking at the camera and smiling, but I think this one says a lot more. We'd stopped in Waco at a Starbucks at Baylor University and spread a towel out on the grass to give E a break from the car. More about the trip later. Too tired now . . .

p.s. Eamon is nine months old today.


Amber said...

I'm sorry you're tired. Road trips can be so hard. But I'm glad you're back! I missed you and your blog.

Heather said...

:) Thanks.