Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Hot Day

We went down to the Austin Farmer's Market yesterday and then to a friend's 4th birthday party way out (for us) off 71 and 620. In between those two things, we bought some gifts for our little friend at Book People, ate lunch, nursed in the car, stopped for coffee, and went to two stores in search of wrapping supplies for the gifts. We had thought that we'd come home for E's afternoon nap, but it ended up making more sense to stay out and have the poor boy nap in the car when he could. Note to self: always pack extra diapers and bathing suits even when you think you won't need them. I carry sunscreen at all times, and a change of clothes, and am good about packing food usually, but we were otherwise fairly unprepared for the change in plans. I thought I'd already learned this lesson (and really I have): that change is the name of the game with a baby, and you have to be flexible and prepared for anything, because things rarely go the way you think they will. But I suppose another lesson is not to get uptight when plans go awry, and your baby has poured water all over himself (I know, water's so tame; just wait till he's a toddler, right?) and hasn't been changed in hours and has to ride forty-five minutes home in that condition. He didn't seem to care one bit, so I didn't either.

TJ and I had our daily, hundred-millionth conversation yesterday about how helplessly in love we are with this boy, how we can't believe he's ours to keep, and we get to be his parents forever, and we get to see his heart-crushingly beautiful face and chubby, cuddly little body every day, and hear his laughter, and witness all his goofy quirks and attitudes. It's still sinking in, almost nine months later, that he's here--even as new changes and discoveries happen every day. Will I still be processing his babyhood when he graduates from high school, or will I have worked my way up to middle school, at least??

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