Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things TJ's mom told me about him as a child that I hadn't heard before.

He was potty-trained by two years, three months.

He crawled into his parents' bed almost every morning at 5:00 for many years. His older brother and sister didn't do this, and would make fun of him for it.

He loved the sound of pennies jangling in his pocket when he was two. His mom would give him two pennies when he'd go potty, and he'd put them in his pocket and walk around listening to them, or clink them together with his hand in his pocket. He never put them in his mouth.

His room was so messy (this was several years later), his mom couldn't deal with it. She would send his dad in with him, and would hear the door close and then hear TJ crying. :(

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