Saturday, June 14, 2008

Changing Our Diet (Possibly), and the Cold Continues

This was our dinner tonight. It was so wonderful and summery, I had to take a picture. Nothing fancy, but oh, so good. TJ grilled the corn and salmon and made some lemon-limeade from scratch as well as some salsa that ended up being too hot to eat (but he said he knows what to do differently next time). I love being married to a man who loves to cook so much. I've been meaning to post about it, actually.

The Basmati rice was delicious. We're considering going on the South Beach Diet, and I don't think it would be allowed (it's the least of what I'd miss, though, to be honest). Hmmm, I don't know. Should we do it? I'm so weak when it comes to restricting my diet. But TJ needs to lose weight (he would ideally like to lose forty pounds, but I think it would be wonderful if he lost twenty) and I could stand to lose ten pounds myself.

As for E, he was so congested today, it was pitiful. The snot was literally bubbling out of his nose at times. Poor E. It was hard to wipe his nose efficiently, especially because he kept rubbing the snot all over his face whenever I would grab a Kleenex. He was so stopped up this morning, he couldn't breathe well enough to nurse. It was sad! We used the saline drops and tried suctioning, but it didn't do enough. Eventually he just kind of persevered and snorted and gasped his way through nursing for a few minutes. He woke up from his morning nap in good spirits, so we went to Central Market to eat and buy groceries for the week, and it seemed to do him good to get out. We ended up canceling our babysitting plans with Kay and Joel this afternoon. It just didn't seem right to have E coughing and dripping snot all over baby Jonas and his toys, and Kay encouraged us to postpone when she heard what was going on. I hope he sleeps well tonight. He actually had a fantastic night last night, despite his cold.

I better sign off--we're watching Battlestar Galactica . . .


Amber said...

I love South Beach. It's been life changing for me and helped me lose 45 pounds after baby and keep it off. Let me know if you do it and we can chat and I'll give you any recipes or tips to stay on it that you might need. Love, Amber

hm said...

Thanks so much, Amber. We don't have the book or cookbook yet (are there multiple SB cookbooks? is there one you'd recommend?) but we're hoping to start Phase 1 either next Monday or the one after. I would really appreciate any tips. Did you find it super hard at first? Has it made eating out a challenge?

More later . . . I'm sure I'll be posting about it!