Friday, June 20, 2008

Counting Calories

We spent hours last night entering our calories for the day. At least it felt like hours. It was fun, though. We were dying of laughter at all the snacks I ate yesterday: low-fat cottage cheese, pretzels, Pirate's Booty, crackers, soy milk, nectarine, diet natural root beer. We were trying to figure out how I ended up with so many calories (over 3,000). It's interesting . . . I've always thought it was so silly when people refuse to put mayo on their sandwiches. Until now. I can't waste my precious calories on that shit! What killed us last night was that we got takeout from a Greek deli nearby. We always think of that place as very healthy. I got the plate of six sides, which was a bitch to figure out how to enter, and who knew falafel was so fatty? I know, I know, it's fried. We then came to our squares of baklava, which I've always felt was somehow not as bad as other desserts. Wrong! My square is still sitting on the kitchen table downstairs. I couldn't bring myself to eat it since my count was already over 3,000 for the day. But I'm sure as hell eating it tonight.


Katrina said...

Oh man, calorie counting is tough. And in my case, often more of an eye-opener than I care to have. Lately I've been trying to avoid snacking between meals. This quest is compounded by the office being stacked to the gills in all variety of salty and sweet snacks. I can barely walk into our kitchen these days.

hm said...

Ugh, I know. I think it's making me want to snack MORE (if that's even possible). By the way, if you're the Katrina from the AMs who's pregnant, congratulations!

Katrina said...

I am, and thank you! We're excited, I'm not yet nauseous, and I sadly unpacked my maternity clothes today so I could get some pants that didn't pinch my gut. Thinking back on pregnancy #1, I wasn't in maternity pants until at least 3 months in. Sigh.