Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day, off to a tiring start

I got about four hours of sleep last night. It's really not worth typing out all the details. I will say that E woke up at 4:00 soaking wet, and then was wide awake after that, babbling in his crib forever and then falling asleep only for a short while. I got up with him at 6:30 and let TJ sleep in because it was Father's Day. Finally at 8:00 I went in and kissed him and said "Happy Father's Day" and asked if he would mind trading off for a half hour so I could get a little nap in. He said yes, but then promptly fell back asleep, and I didn't feel like waking him up again. It was my own choice, but I got pissed off anyway--I guess because he's a heavy sleeper and I'm a light one, which means if I need his help, I have to wake him up (and more often than not, I don't). It gets old. But mainly, I was just tired. I put E down for a nap at 8:30--he ended up babbling and playing in his crib--and I crawled into bed. With TJ snoring away and E babbling over the monitor, I found my mood descending lower and lower. I ended up waking TJ up and asking him to get E and take him downstairs for a while. It was too late for me to sleep at this point, and I was unreasonably emotional and pissy about it. I decided to take a shower, and while in there I talked to myself about how I'm in control of my mood, and how I owe it to TJ, the wonderful father of my beautiful baby, not to be sullen and bitchy on Father's Day. Amazingly, it worked. (I think the shower and the break helped too.) I'm still tired, but the moodiness is gone. Whew.

I can't wait to give TJ the gifts I made him. I think we're going to head over to the Moonshine Grill later this afternoon for an early dinner. This morning we're becoming members of that church I think I've mentioned before. I never thought we'd find a church that was right for us, but this one has everything that's important to us: kid-friendly, people of all ages, *super* liberal and vocal about gay rights and women's rights, accepting of other beliefs, critical of the larger church's agenda, etc. I can't say enough about the pastor. We're even going to have E baptized, which we had decided not to do, but then we saw a baptism there, and it was very, very sweet. More of a blessing and welcoming of a new little person into the community, a commitment to teach the child about love, and a celebration of the beginning of life's spiritual journey.

I better go. We need to eat breakfast . . .

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th said...

H, I was in the same sort of mood this morning-- without your good reasons. I'm resolving to get over it as you did. Thanks for sharing.