Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday with Bill and Mary

TJ's parents made it in right on time last night (flying from Florida). They raced back to the house to see E before he went to bed and got here around 6:00. E was already in his sleep sack when they got here, and we all watched him play on the floor and roll around and try to crawl (he's been trying some cool new moves; he starts in a seated position, then leans to the side so that he's supporting himself with his hands, but then one of his legs invariably gets stuck and he needs help transitioning to his tummy).

Bill (TJ's dad) doesn't seem happy to be here. Mary was pressuring him to come back with her for Eamon's birthday party, and he said, "I can't give you an answer right now. I have to get through this and get through the next trip first." TJ and Mary were making fun of him for being such a sourpuss and were disgusted by his negative attitude. I feel like I understand where he's coming from. It's very stressful for him to travel and he doesn't like being around people much anyway. He says he only has a few more years to live (he specified six for some reason) and only wants to do what he wants to do. Mary said to us (in front of him), "He's very self-centered and always has been." I know this is true, but I'm sympathetic towards him for some reason, partly because she says stuff like that and also because I think he's probably been depressed for a long, long time, and he's not in good health.

Anyway, we didn't see him much the rest of the night. We got their room set up and then Bill stayed in there while TJ and Mary and I watched a movie. (Three Days of the Condor, with Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway, directed by Sydney Pollack--it's fantastic!!!! I always resist watching old movies, if 1975 can be called old, but I think this one is going to make it into my Favorite Movies of All Time. It's suspenseful and fun.)

Eamon woke up at 5:30 this morning, so it's been a long day. TJ worked in the morning some, then we all went to the Y and swam (except Bill, who lifted some weights). After that we went out for lunch and came home. E was exhausted but played in his crib for an hour instead of sleeping. He just won't go to sleep lately without nursing. Oh dear. We finally brought him out and he played happily for another hour. TJ went ahead and took his parents to Whole Foods (where they are now) since it was getting late. When it was time to nurse again, E fell asleep immediately and is down now. I'm going to have to wake him up soon so his nighttime sleep isn't screwed up. What a little stinker!

We're grilling out tonight, and tomorrow we're going to San Marcos for lunch, which should be interesting. My schizophrenic uncle is visiting from California, and my stepbrother (same side of the family), who is bipolar and has recently shown signs of paranoia, is also coming over (along with his new wife). My stepmom is picking up Salt Lick for everyone on her way home from Wimberley (yummmm).

Mary and I talked this morning for a long time, or rather I listened. Wow, it's tiring. She'd told me most of the stuff before many times. But she's been very sweet since she's been here, so I can't complain too much. She said she thought I was the best thing that's ever happened to TJ (isn't that nice?), and she's gone on and on about how gorgeous E is, which is always music to my ears!

I feel conflicted writing about TJ's parents on here, since I haven't written much about my family (and god knows there's a lot I could write about). I guess I've steered clear of mine because it's overwhelming and there's no way I can stay on top of it all in terms of blogging, and Eamon is the main focus of this blog anyway . . . but maybe it's unfair of me to write about TJ's family and not mine.

Speaking of my family, my baby brother (who turns 18 in two weeks!) aced the SAT (as in, wow) and also just received an Outstanding Performer award for State Solo & Ensemble. Out of 22,000 band, orchestra, and choir kids (he's choir), only 256 are chosen for Outstanding Performer. He's freaking amazing, and I'm so proud.

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