Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Better Already?

Maybe things aren't quite as dire with the teething as I thought in terms of what's in store for us. E still woke up several times last night, so it's not like it was a breeze, but it wasn't anything like the night before. I got a four-hour stretch of sleep followed by a 2.5-hour stretch. It felt amazing after the night before. I gather the pain is worse right before the tooth breaks through the gum, so maybe that was as bad as it gets? That would be nice. I guess we'll find out. I can deal with a couple of nights without sleep, but weeks on end? That's what I dread. I actually dread it more having lived through it for so long last fall.

We gave him two doses of Tylenol last night. During the day I'm using homeopathic teething tablets.

Right now he's taking a nap on his tummy (after many tears, sadly). He's been asleep for almost an hour. Ah, boy, it's a treat.

Oh! I think I hear him. One of the things I love about him taking a good nap is that I can't wait to pick him up and snuggle him afterwards. Not that I ever don't love that, but it's especially nice after he's been asleep awhile. Part of me gets to missing him. (The other part would love a four-hour nap!)

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