Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hyde Park

We played a game today that I look forward to playing again. It's called "Let's Pretend We Live in Hyde Park." We actually used to live there when we first moved to Austin 2.5 years ago. I fantasize about moving back someday, but it's sooooo expensive. We rented a 600-square-foot house for a year at Speedway and 45th ("house" is a generous word for it) and we both worked from home. Ahhh, the good old days. Not really. Actually, what I remember most about the house is how desperately I yearned for a baby.

In any case, E and I parked by Shipe Park today, and he enjoyed swinging in the bucket swings and watching some big kids play, then we walked to the Post Office to mail Mother's Day gifts, then to Quack's coffee shop, where we sat for a while, then to the indie grocery store across the street, then back to the park where I fed E lunch. After that we took one last short walk (drooling at houses) and came home. It felt good to be out.

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