Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Few Things at the End of the Day

Kay and baby Jonas came over this afternoon, and I feel much better about rotavirus. Jonas wasn't vaccinated for it either, and Kay reminded me that there wasn't a vaccine for it at all until recently.

Austin Baby Store got an order of Bum Genius diapers in last week, so we picked up three on Saturday. We LOVE them. They're expensive but they'll save us money in the long run. They're one-size-fits-all, newborn up to thirty-five pounds. And they're just wonderful. I got another call from Austin Baby saying that the Fuzzi Bunz were in, but I'm tempted to just stick with Bum Genius and slowly accumulate a good number. Today was the first day we were able to use cloth from start to finish.

Eamon really came out of his shell when our friends were here today. He's usually quiet and reserved in front of them (and other people), while Jonas is more outgoing. But today Eamon was in his element. Sitting up like a pro, yelling and babbling and roaring, laughing, reaching for things, demanding attention. It was hilarious. Kay had never seen him like this. They were still here at 5:00 when TJ stopped working, so he came upstairs and we hung out for a while longer. Eamon and Jonas were sitting up next to each other making crazy noises and just being babies. We decided that now that E is rocking some dental bling, he's ready to make a statement. You know, show off his mad skillz.

It's true that he has experienced major developments in the past two weeks. Rolling, sitting up, and his first tooth. Man alive, everyone says it goes by so quickly, and everyone is right.

Peace out.

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