Monday, May 12, 2008

Second Wind

I feel like I should write an update after that last post. Things started to look up shortly after that. I caved and took some Advil, which really helped my headache, and I also took a shower. I haven't taken one with E underfoot since he started sitting up and rolling all the way over. I ended up putting him in his Around-We-Go activity center, which I pulled into our bedroom. He stayed in it while I put clean sheets on our bed, then we sat side-by-side on the bed and I flipped through a magazine while he played. I also folded a bunch of laundry. He was really interested in the magazine, so I ripped out a few pages for him and he was mesmerized. He loved crumpling and shaking the pages (and trying to eat the paper). By the time I took him downstairs to feed him dinner at 5:00, I actually felt refreshed and sane. I think the shower and magazine really helped, as well as doing something out of the ordinary together, even just sitting on the bed. Also, getting a couple of chores out of the way was gratifying. I'd been feeling frustrated about not being able to accomplish anything.

Unfortunately, it looks like we're in for another hard night. He's only been down an hour and he's already woken up twice. Unlike last night, this is definitely teething. He's woken up screaming in pain both times. We gave him some Tylenol a little while ago, so hopefully that will help. Poor little monkey. He's so tired.

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