Friday, May 2, 2008

Separation Anxiety

We're seeing the first clear signs of stranger/separation anxiety. I read that this typically starts around seven months, and sure enough, here we are. My stepmom Gwen came over yesterday to see E after being overseas for a couple of weeks, and she went to get him when we heard him wake up from his nap. She's done this many times before, so I thought nothing of it and went to the bathroom. I heard Eamon scream loudly all of a sudden, and then I heard Gwen call out, "Heather, he's afraid of me!" When he closed his eyes and screamed, she picked him up quickly, and that seemed to help. I went in and kissed him and talked to him, but didn't take him from her. He seemed a little freaked out but wasn't crying, and within seconds he was comfortable and happy in Grandma's arms.

He's also started to cry when I leave the room sometimes. It seems to help if I keep talking to him from another room (like the laundry room--five feet away from him, mind you). I know this will get worse before it gets better. Supposedly it peaks between twelve and eighteen months. I hope to find a balance between not catering to it completely and making sure he feels safe.

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