Saturday, May 3, 2008


I slept without a bra on last night for the first time since Eamon was born. I'm not sure whether I'll try it again right away; I think I might. It felt very strange. Before E was born, I hadn't really thought about nursing bras, aside from wondering how I would know what size to get. (If E hadn't come a month early, I probably wouldn't bought a few sizes to have on hand, but he came before I got to that point.) I learned in our Bradley class that some people recommend wearing a bra 24/7 while breastfeeding, but that seemed crazy to me. Then my milk came in, and it just wasn't comfortable without one, plus I leaked fairly often in the beginning. In any case, it did feel somewhat liberating to go without one finally, and it was nice not to have to mess with hooking and unhooking each side in the middle of the night and this morning. It felt cozier.

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