Saturday, May 10, 2008

San Marcos

We spent today in San Marcos at my folks' house. The day started out on the sucky side--I woke up feeling rundown and grouchy, and 35 was closed, so we had to take an alternate route and it took forever--but we had a great time once we got there. We had breakfast tacos, even though it was 11:30 by the time we arrived, and my stepmom, Gwen, cooked a big meal that we ate around 3:00. We also hung out by the pool in the backyard for a while, although the water was too chilly to take E in. My dad sat with him on the side of the pool and they got their feet wet, which was fun. The best treat of the day is that TJ and I got to see IRON MAN while Eamon stayed at the house with my family. It was fantastic, even though I realized partway through that E had been too wound up to eat much earlier, as evidenced by the engorgement I was surprised to be experiencing. We actually left the movie a few minutes early because I was pretty uncomfortable by that point, and I wanted to race home and nurse E. He did great in our absence. My little brother's girlfriend got to feed him supper, and they all played, and he bounced (we took the doorway jumper), and then Gwen gave him a bath before we got home around 6:30. He fell asleep nursing and I put him down in the Pack-n-Play they have there. He woke up around 8:30, right as we were getting ready to leave anyway. He slept on the way home and went down fairly easily once we got here. This was the first time we'd done his bedtime routine somewhere else and then driven home and transferred him to his crib, and I'm pleased with how it worked out.

Now we're home and I'm so tired I'm sitting here squinting at the computer screen, willing my eyes to stay open.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. TJ made us reservations for a late brunch at Vin Bistro. We've never been but have heard good things about it. Normally we'd probably be out and about tomorrow, but I feel so beat, I'm thinking we'll probably lay low, aside from the brunch. But who knows.

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