Thursday, May 29, 2008

Challenging Days, Joining the Y

Maybe #2 isn't as close as I thought. I don't know. It's hard to predict. But yesterday he was crankier than he's almost ever been (not counting his first three to four months). The only other day that comes close was the day after his first tooth broke through the gum. So I can only figure that teething is the culprit. We thought he'd be up a lot last night, but he wasn't, though I did give him Tylenol at 5 a.m. Today he's on nap strike. Day 2. I couldn't get him down yesterday morning, and when he did nap it wasn't for long. Today looks like it's going to be a repeat. After such a great stretch of napping and a fairly predictable schedule, it's amazing to see how quickly things can deteriorate. Ugh.

Today I think we'll go to Linens-n-Things to look for curtains and a set of sheets in preparation for TJ's parents' visit (they arrive next Thursday), and maybe we'll go to the Y, which we joined on Memorial Day. I'd already signed E and I up for parent/child swim lessons there starting later in June, and we decided to go check it out on the holiday. TJ has gained a little weight since he quit smoking a year ago, and he's not the type to work out in a regular gym. He's more into stuff like swimming and basketball (not that he's done either in a looooong time). We were really impressed with this Y. The facility is to die for; it's only been open a few years. And they offer free child care. And the join fee was minimal (some deal they were offering), and it's month to month. We felt like we couldn't pass it up. I just hope we stick with it. TJ went yesterday and had a good experience. It seemed to work really well for him to go around 4:00.

Well, I don't think this nap is going to take. Aaaaaaggghhh. I've been going in there periodically for the past hour (feels like longer). I think it's time to throw in the towel.

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