Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sliver of white, belly sleeping

This morning, for the first time, I saw a little flash of white peeking through the top of Eamon's lower gums. You can't feel the tooth yet--it just feels like a smooth bump--but it's definitely on its way out. I am insanely excited, even though part of me will miss his toothless grins.

E has taken two great naps today, crazily enough. Each over an hour long. And he fell asleep on his own for the morning one without crying. I had rocked him twice, but he wasn't interested, despite being clearly tired. So I put him down on his back (as usual) in his crib, put some toy links in his hand, and turned on his aquarium toy. I figured I'd be back in a few minutes when he started crying. I heard him playing, and then it eventually dawned on me that he was quiet. I peeked in later on and found him asleep on his belly, his hand still clutching the links. I had to take a picture.

I've been wondering when he would feel comfortable enough to fall asleep on his tummy. I experimented with it during naps awhile back, before he could turn over, thinking he might sleep longer that way, but it didn't seem to help and he seemed to dislike waking up on his tummy, so I gave up on that. Ever since he could roll over all the way (has it really been only a week?), he's preferred to sleep on his back, which has surprised me. I wonder if we'll encounter a lot more belly sleeping now. It sure does look sweet.

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