Friday, May 9, 2008

Sleep and Wimberley

E and I spent today in Wimberley visiting my grandmother and some other relatives who were in town who hadn't seen E since he was tiny. We had a nice time, but I'm completely and totally wiped out. E wouldn't nap this morning at all, despite getting up every two hours last night, so the only time he slept today was in the car. It took a long time for us to get him to bed tonight, too. I'm sure he'll be up many times. What happened to the baby who slept eleven hours straight every night? While some of it is teething, I'm afraid that he's now waking up out of habit. His teeth definitely seemed to be bothering him earlier last night, when he woke up a few times before we'd gone to bed, but I didn't feel like he was uncomfortable or in pain when he woke in the middle of the night. It's also obvious that he wants me, not TJ, when he wakes up at night now. He wants to nurse. When I go in, he stops crying immediately. He kicks his legs and smiles playfully, some might even say triumphantly. (Meanwhile, I keep a blank expression on my face.) When TJ goes in to him at night, E is having none of it. He yells and screams in a decidedly angry fashion. We're thinking about having TJ go in every time at night to see if that decreases the number of times E wakes up. I've read that if an older baby doesn't get milk when he wakes up, he'll stop waking up. But I'm not sure I want to do this yet. I think I want him to have the option of one feeding at night until he's nine months old. I'm not sure what I'm basing this on, because I don't actually get the sense that E needs a night feeding at all now, but there you have it. To be honest, I think it would be hard for me not to go to him at all at night. Also, it seems like nursing is the only thing that puts him back to sleep sometimes.

He seems to be hanging in there on the teething front. The tooth has come in a bit more, halfway in at most. Not enough for me to experience a bite yet!

Tomorrow we're spending the day in San Marcos with my parents (dad and stepmom) and my baby brother, who's a junior in high school. We haven't been down there in awhile and we're really looking forward to it, although I could really use a day at home right now, frankly. But I can't wait for them to see E sit up! And we might take him in their pool.

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